How to disable cursor blink rate in Mac OS X

A blinking cursor can be quite annoying (have you heard of the Chinese water torture?).

Unfortunately, if you are a Mac user, disabling the cursor blink rate does not go so straightforward as one might expect in Windows.

Now open a terminal. Type in the following command:

defaults write -g CursorBlink -string 0

which disables cursor blink on the global level (i.e. for every application).

As an alternative, we can optionally set the blink period to be a very, very large number. Note that the unit is milliseconds. So 1000 means 1 second. Thanks to this post.

defaults write -g NSTextInsertionPointBlinkPeriod -int 100000000

Now you have a non-blinking cursor in every application^^.



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3 Responses to How to disable cursor blink rate in Mac OS X

  1. Mario says:

    This does not actually work. CursorBlink setting is exposed only for terminal app. So setting CursorBlink at global level is pointless.

    The other solution is also a really bad idea. 100000000 milliseconds is roughly 27.78 hours. So, your cursor blink period is set to slightly longer than one day. If you leave your computer on for a long time that means that there will be a period when your cursor will disappear (the OFF period of the cursor blink) for 27.78 hours.

  2. Maria says:

    Did you actually try this to see if it works?

  3. zoowalk says:

    does this work with mavericks? afraid to mess up my os. many thanks.

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