About me

What describes me?

  • A geek
  • A growing researcher
  • A stoic
  • A culture fan fascinated by J-pop, traveling and shotting

What do you appreciate?

  • Politeness, pragmatism, stoicism, legitimacy

What do you mean by addressing yourself a stoic?

  • In daily usage, a stoic is someone who is indifferent to pain, injustice, and never complains. If your initial guess stops here, however, you are probably a great GRE verbal scorer :-).
  • A stoic is someone who follows the rules and believes determinism. Personally I would prefer this definition.
  • I believe that if many things work out if a compromise can be reached. To achieve it, there must be a side who temporarily gives up its interest. This does not mean failure. Rather, both sides could achieve a win-win result in the long run.

How do you find your life?

  • Solitude. Being stoic is the key to it.
  • My proudness is to maintain an affordably respectful living standard, including both substantiality and virtuality.
  • My goal is to achieve whatever I think to be reasonably feasible, in a proper and legitimate way.

How do you manage to live in harmony with non-stoics?

  • First of all, personality is multi-faced. This blog simply exposes (in fact, emphasizes) some of my personality. I would say that a pure stoic does not exist. Being solitude does mean cutting off my social connections. Being proudness of my living standard does not imply looking down upon those who are not. I do not intend, by any means, to export my values. Respecting different values is one of my core values.

How often do you upload your blog?

  • Normally the blog is updated weekly. Most of my blog entries are written much ahead before they are finally posted. I would occasionally post some up-to-date entries whenever I find necessary.

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