AirPrint on Macbook + Dropbox = Add a printer to iPhone

Sometimes it is desirable to have a webpage saved on your iPhone. On PCs and Macs, this can be done by feeding the page to a PDF printer. How to achieve it on iPhone?

If you have a Macbook and iPhone within a network, the following trick is helpful.

First of all, as Mac OS X 10.6.6 still does not support AirPrint, we need to enable it.
This link provides a method to set up AirPrint on a Macbook and use it through iPhone.

Next, assume your Dropbox directory is /Users/username/Dropbox. Create a symbolic link from the CUPS-PDF directory to the Dropbox directory.

ln -s /Users/Shared/CUPS-PDF/username /Users/username/Dropbox/airprint

This makes sure that newly printed documents are synced by Dropbox. Enjoy it!


If Windows Live Mesh for Mac quits on start, use the following trick

If Windows Live Mesh for Mac crashes on start, delete the directory ~/Library/Application Support/Live Id, and restart Live Mesh.

How to disable cursor blink rate in Mac OS X

A blinking cursor can be quite annoying (have you heard of the Chinese water torture?).

Unfortunately, if you are a Mac user, disabling the cursor blink rate does not go so straightforward as one might expect in Windows.

Now open a terminal. Type in the following command:

defaults write -g CursorBlink -string 0

which disables cursor blink on the global level (i.e. for every application).

As an alternative, we can optionally set the blink period to be a very, very large number. Note that the unit is milliseconds. So 1000 means 1 second. Thanks to this post.

defaults write -g NSTextInsertionPointBlinkPeriod -int 100000000

Now you have a non-blinking cursor in every application^^.